Understanding the Different Game Modes in Ludo on MPL

Ludo is one of those board games that has been around forever. Everybody enjoys this game, whether kids or adults. Given that the popularity of this board game has only increased with time, the game shifted from indoor playing to online platforms like MPL or Mobile Premier League. If you enjoy playing Ludo and know the rules, it won’t take long to get the hang of its online version. However, MPL makes things a bit more interesting by bringing you variants of Ludo. You can enjoy the different game modes on this online platform by downloading the Ludo game app on your device and enjoying 24/7 customer support.

Take a look at the different game modes in Ludo on MPL

  • The Classic Mode

The classic ludo game mode is the traditional version you have grown up playing, but instead of playing on a physical board, you’ll play it online with multiple opponents. The rules are straightforward. Two to four players play the game, and each player is given a color quadrant out of the four quadrants. The players get the same color tokens as the quadrants.

The game begins as one of the players rolls the die. The game’s objective is to race to the finish line with all four tokens. Although the game depends on the number rolled on the dice, a lot of strategy is involved. For instance, suppose you have rolled a number, and you can either move your tokens closer to the finish point and stay safe from your opponents, or you can capture an opponent’s token and put your token in a vulnerable position. Throughout the game, you will face various this or that moments.

The game’s outcome depends on your choices. Please note that every move carries a sense of risk and reward. Therefore, you must assess whether the risk surpasses the rewards or rewards surpass the risk. If you are interested in trying the classic Ludo mode online, download the MPL app on the Apple App Store, sign up on the app with your number, and search for Ludo. Android users can visit the website, enter their mobile number, get a download link via SMS, install the app, sign up, and enjoy playing Ludo.

  • Ludo Win

MPL offers a twist to the classic Ludo game in Ludo Win. This variant is played in quick ludo mode, and each match session is timed. The objective is to score higher than the opponent. 

The game is played with three tokens instead of four. Every move increases the score. The moves are limited, and whoever scores the highest wins. Players must devise a well-designed strategy to capture the opponent’s tokens and win the game in fewer moves. This game lets you show off your strategy-making skills. You can train and hone your skills by playing practice matches. Once you are confident, you can play Ludo and earn money by participating in cash battles against real-life opponents.

  • Ludo Dice 

Ludo Dice is another fun variant and a refreshing twist to the classic Ludo game. Similar to Ludo Win, this variant is played within a time limit. The gameplay is different from the game you’ve grown up playing. In Ludo Dice, the objective isn’t to take all four tokens to the finish line. Instead, the goal is to score higher than the opponent. Whenever you roll the dice and get a number, move the token according to the number. For instance, if you have rolled a 5 on the dice, your token will move up by five steps. Each step equals one point in this game mode. That’s not all. If you land on an opponent’s token, you get 2X points. On reaching the last tile, you get a bonus. In the end, the entire score is tallied, and the winner is announced.

  • Cash Battles or Tournaments

Cash battles or tournaments are probably one of the most exciting ways of playing Ludo online. Why, you ask? Because you can show off your strategy-making skills, enjoy the game of ludo and earn money at the same time. Multiplayer tournaments or cash battles place you against multiple participants vying for the top position on the leaderboard. The competition is intense. The objective is to score higher than the rest. The highest scorer wins. Before joining cash battles, you can check out the free-to-play lobby. Here, you get to play matches for free and practice the strategies and sharpen your skills. Then, check out the ongoing cash battles and tournaments. Participate in them and earn big rewards.

What do you need to play the different game modes in Ludo on MPL?

All you need is a stable Internet connection to download and install the MPL app. Then, search for ludo and take up ludo challenges against different real-life opponents. After that, you can play free games or play Ludo and earn money. The objective is to score the highest.

The Bottom Line

So, this is a roundup of the different game modes of Ludo you can enjoy in MPL. You can start by engaging in the classic mode to relive your childhood memories and then explore the other variants. Ludo Win and Ludo Dice are fun variants you can try if you want to experience a twist in the age-old board game. Install the app right away and enter a new world of fun.  

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